Teasing Campaign - Dismissed
DAN Paris 2015

Role : Art Director, Motion designer.

This project was a pitch for the promotion of the Suicide Squad movie for Warner France. Without any information about the story we had to create a teasing campaign. We only knew that the movie was about a team of crazy super villain working for the governement, as a special team.  So based on this, we imagined a game based only on sms where you had to manage the whole team to work together, don't fight each other and don't fail the mission. Basically you will send and receive some messages from each of the characters. But  think the funiest part was to imagine adds, like those ugly adds you see everywhere in the UK, were the hook is a phone number to "Get a lover back" or "Read the futur". Based on this very specific design field, I designed several adds that we wanted to put on traditional billboards but also everywhere we could, in a guerilla marketing way.